Remora Lite

What is Remora Lite?‚Äč Check out this video:

Features of Remora Lite:

  • 3 years of Dark Pool data at your fingertips
  • Create your own live interactive watchlists around dark pool prints in seconds
  • Interactive charts with Dark Pool levels and volume for any tracked ticker
  • One-click Dark Pool print summary featuring trade sizes, cumulative trades at price levels, volume, current trading price, and next earnings
  • One click access to news, ETF holdings, short interest and ticker descriptions
  • Built-in option ROI calculator
  • Cumulative print summaries showing dark pool volume at each price point
  • Quickly analyze trade volume by day, week or custom time frames
  • Live market data integration with Think or Swim
  • Quickly scan all tickers with prints and see if the price action is above/below or in between prints and create watchlists
  • Tables comparing recent prints with short interest, dividends and earnings
  • One click filtering to find the best trade setups for swing trading
  • Calculate option commissions
  • Compare Dark Pool print levels on the major indices side by side
  • Live $VIX chart with forward estimates on potential price movement
  • And more!
  • Windows based operating System
  • Office 365 Subscription (64Bit)
  • Will run on a MAC if you use the software Parallels to run Windows Applications.
  • Note: Tablets and mobile devices are not supported.


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