Who is The Stock Whisperer?

Stefanie Kammerman's students gave her the nickname “The Stock Whisperer” because it seems like she has a crystal ball.

What is The Stock Whisperer?

Over the years The Stock Whisperer website has grown to include many services, tools and courses. The Java Pit is a unique trading room experience run by Stefanie where you learn by watching her trade during pre-market and live trading. There are fantastic and productive online courses where you can learn trading principals or you can even buy one on one time with Stefanie. Coming soon, an experience like no other, an app specifically created for Dark Pool trading.

Why work with The Stock Whisperer?

People frequently ask Stefanie why she teaches stock trading. Why not just trade herself? Well, she does trade; in fact, she trades equities and options every day with her community of students in The Java Pit. However, she is also cloning herself by teaching. When you join The Stock Whisperer community, you are not just choosing Stefanie as your teacher and mentor; you are also choosing to join a highly supportive community of traders, whom you will be trading with on a daily basis. You become part of our family in the trading room, where the education never stops.

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