Refund Policy

Classes does not offer a refund of class(es) once the purchaser participates in the class(es) and/or accesses/downloads the archive file(s). Please note that accessing the archive file(s) is an act of participating in the class. Once the purchaser accesses the archive file(s), then he/she has waived all rights to refunds and/or cancellation of service. Refunds will only be issued for live class purchases purchased from The Stock Whisperer Trading Company if a refund and cancellation of participation is requested at least two weeks (2) before the beginning of the start of the class. Refund or cancellation requests must be made in writing by email ( received two weeks (2) before the scheduled time of the class. 

Downloadable Workshops

Purchase of downloadable workshops are final sale items.

The Java Pit Package


Our Java Pit Packages  whether it be a 6 month package, a yearly package or renewal, includes one live online 2 week 70 hour boot camp class taught by Stefanie. We also include 4 downloadabe workshops with the boot camp.

The current annual Java Pit membership by itself is $10,000 per year.  If for any reason you need to cancel during your Java Pit membership and you paid for a package rate membership, you will be reverted back to the current annual java pit membership rate divided by 12 months and be charged for each month you were a member. $833.34 monthly rate will be charged for the number of months you were active, at which time your membership will be terminated and we will deduct the cost of Boot Camp if it was taken at the current rate of $3500.

The Java Pit package plans also includes 4 downloadable workshops valued at $346.50.  If you cancel during your plan membership we will also deduct the current value of those workshops.

The Training Pit

If for any reason you need to cancel during your three month subscription, you will be reverted back to the 99.97 monthly rate for the months you were active. For example, if you canceled a quarterly membership after 2 months your refund would be $70.03 (quarterly rate of $269.97 less $199.94 [2 x $99.97]).

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