John S

Hi Stefanie,

I saw the power of a Whisper first-hand Tuesday.

I risked about $2000 on AMD puts based on the Whisper of The Day. I made $11,911.14 by afternoon. INCREDIBLE !!!! I never saw anything like that before. I'm a super novice (about 2 weeks) with this dark pool data and don't really know what I'm doing. I'm hooked.
– 5/3/2017

Milt M

Hi Stefanie, Thanks to "Whisper of the Day" dailies, I've done quite well in 2016. To wit, on 7/29/16 you spotted a significant opportunity with BCS. Subsequent trades with BAC and GDX were also fruitful. Most recently a huge imprint was seen on ON this week. As a retiree and cancer survivor, this dark pool concept perpetuates the Watergate based mantra "Follow the Money"in spades. Bless you for the adrenalin!
– 12/9/2016

Marty B

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of the education, information, hospitality, enjoyment and fun that I have experienced as a member for these past few months.  I learned so much for which I am extremely grateful to you. You have an absolutely top notch, first class service. 2nd to none.
– 11/7/2016

Susan H

Following the rules is really great. this has got to be the best trading school ever, Stefanie is by far one of the best
– 10/7/2016

Nick Moccia
Publisher, Weiss Education

I attended Stefanie's recent Workshop on How to Profit Off the Dark Pool and it was amazing. She pulls back the curtain and reveals the monster dark pool prints big Wall Street trading firms try to hide...and shows you how you can spot them yourself and profit from them. The Big Boys can run, but they can't hide from Stefanie!  I highly recommend you check out The Stock Whisperer and discover one of the most fascinating ways to trade that you’ve ever seen.

– 7/15/2016

Larry Berman
Founder ETF Capital Management Host Bermans Call on BNN

Stefanie’s unique approach and energetic style to short-term trading strategies makes intuitive sense and is easy to understand for the average investor. Getting behind the big money flow on a short-term basis means your trading with deep pockets supporting you rather than against you. This special skill set to trade with the big money traders earned her the nickname the VolumePrintcess. Stefanie is at the top of her game 
– 7/15/2016


Stefanie, thanks.  Finding u on stock twits might end up being the second best thing I've done. Thanks for the great classes and the personal touch that's hard to find in this time we trade in."
– 1/27/2016

Karl M.

I started investing in 1996  reading every book I could get my hands on, watching seminars and attemping to train myself. I found this was a hit and miss method at best!  In the year 2013 is when I listened in on a chat line and became interested in your style of training.  
           I find your method of teaching is the way my mind works using charts, levels, moving averages and more to build a strong foundation upon which to trade. In June 13 2013 is when I purchased  "Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 2" and have no regrets. Since then I have purchased or enrolled in various courses offered though "The Stock Whisper", and Stefanie is the instructor. 
         The latest course which I enrolled in is "Boot Camp 2 Weeks (Live Workshop) 50 hours". During the two week course a lot of essential information for day trading and swing trading was covered in depth. The training builds a solid foundation upon which I can feel secure and use in day to day trading!
         I have no regrets, my intentions are too continue my membership with The Stock Whisper and enjoying the "chat room" where we work as a team. I will continue building my knowledge creating a strong foundation upon which to trade, knowledge is power.
        Education is extremely essential when trading, swing trading or investing, it is important to avoid wishing, hoping or best guess.
– 10/3/2014

Peter B.

My trial membership with the Stockwhisperer.com will soon be over, and I am pleased to say that
I will be continuing as a member. 
The value of your service is incomparable to what else is out there. I think it is obvious that there is something more going on here than just providing a stock advice service. You obviously care very much about your members and what you do.
Thank you for your dedication, you are very much appreciated


I just took a quickie Forex trade while I was on the phone with a friend ... pattern was breaking out ... not lots of upside, at least on a first test of the 115, but decided to do a quick scalp.  Price continued down after I snapped the picture.  If it weren't for the skills I learned from you, I wouldn't have had the quickness to take the profit at the major level ... thank you thank you thank you.  You're always on my gratitude list :)
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