One on One Online Coaching -Two Hours with Paul aka The Alien

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One on One Online Coaching -Two Hours with Paul aka The Alien

Paul is an expert teacher in many fields like meditation , Astrology, Numerology,  Psychology and loves to help others.  Paul considers his mission on this planet to help as many humans as possible break free from their chains and become truly free. His strengths are day trading, scaling out of positions to make trading less stressful  the first hour and calling out trades for others as well as analyzing the SPY dark pool prints.

Paul uses the DAS Trader Pro  Trading platform with Interactives Broker, as well as Tasty Trade , Power E-trade and Fidelity for 401K and IRA's. Paul also uses  Think or Swim and Schwab for researching  stocks, futures  and options and Livevol Core for checking the block trades on the Dark Pool. Paul is also an expert on pretty much anything to do with Computers having worked in Tech support,  programming and systems administration all his working career , Windows and Macs and can suggest hardware that will be best for traders.

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