One on One Online Coaching - One Hour with Dave aka E-Man

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One on One Online Coaching - One Hour with Dave aka E-Man

Dave, aka “E-man” has been a Java Pitter for three years and works full-time as an IT instructor, Business Intelligence Analyst as well as the developer of the “Project”.  Several traders, along with Dave have worked tirelessly together to bring Stefanie’s style of trading and Dark Pool prints into the project that is shared with Java Pit members to help them quickly parse through all the prints, find great trade setups, be alerted when targets/levels are hit or broken and manage trades for the short and long term. 
The “Project” is widely used among most of the traders in the room as an “all-in-one” tool.  It is always being updated with new features and resources in order for Pitters to become more and more successful. 
This coaching session is one-on-one with Dave to help you get the most out of this fantastic tool.
To use the Project, Windows 10 is required along with Microsoft Office 365 (recommended to use all the features).  The Project does not run on Macs/tablets/smart devices.

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