The Dark Pool App

Get specific levels to watch along with pictures of these trades and charts showing you the highest probability trade set ups. You’ll get notifications when the dark pool is buying and you’ll get notified when they are selling.

Photo of the Dark Pool App on a mobile phone

"Matthew D. McCall President, Penn Financial Group The Stock Whisperer lives up to her name. Over the years of interviewing Stefanie I have been amazed at how spot on she is when it comes to calling the next move in the market. She is a must follow for all traders."

–Matthew D. McCall - President, Penn Financial

Know about it first!

Knowing where the big guys are buying and selling will increase your success rate whether you’re a day trader, short term swing trader or longer term investor.

Easy Access

Direct access to the unusual Dark Pool trades on your favorite stocks sent directly to your phone.

For All Traders

Whether you’re a day trader, short term swing trader or investor, following the Dark Pool will highly increase your success rate when trading stocks, options, futures and forex.

"Stefanie has called the past 14 corrections on social media and now you will be the first to know when the next one is coming by signing up for this premium Dark Pool App."
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