One on One Online Coaching - One Hour with Taz

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One on One Online Coaching - One Hour with Taz

Taz is a professional trader and investor, and crypto asset specialist. He runs Crypto Corner weekly, and workshops in the Stock Whisperer's professional Trading Pit and training arena, and is passionate about showing people new roads to financial freedom.
He uses TradingView, and Interactive Broker software platforms primarily, and is a passionate technical chart analyst with a background in Economics, Innovation, and Sustainability.
He has doubled, doubled and doubled again his own personal crypto asset portfolio, and has a unique and proprietary system to assist you with understanding how to position yourself to succeed. He does not offer financial advice, but shows you how to look at crypto assets when it comes to your overall financial portfolio, by showing you how he does it at a practical level. He has demonstrated to fellow traders’ numerous times how to position for crypto profits, and above ALL how he manages risk appropriately.
Do you need to know how to get started in investing, (software, hardware, technical skills or strategy), trading crypto and equities? Do you need assistance at a more intermediate and advanced level looking at crypto assets and reading stock and crypto charts, and setting up passive income streams? With Taz’s over 20 years’ experience in finance, technology, innovation and a passion to see you succeed, you don't want to miss out on a chance to get to the next level.
Join Taz for your interactive session, where he will take you through a structured question set to personalize his experience for you!
As a special Bonus Taz always shares his latest crypto market view, and model portfolio. (Down to position sizes, stop loss levels and time frames he's looking at. He believes in finding THE asymmetric trade of the moment. IE the current trade with more probable upside than downside. For example he called out $ETH, when the focus was largely on $BTC and realised significant percentage outsized gains.)

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