Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 3

This workshop features how Stefanie finds and trades the Whisper of the Day along with spotting two different kinds of corrections.
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Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 3

In this power packed workshop Stefanie will show you how the market is still trading in fractions and how to trade off of those levels as well as how to cure exit-it is and how to use crowd psychology to your advantage.   She’ll also share with you her secrets how she obtained a 93% success rate for 2014 in picking “Whisper of the day”, along with how to enter and exit them using volume and her favorite momentum moving averages as her number one indicators.  This workshop also focuses on how to trade the global economy using ETF’s along with how to spot two different kinds of corrections that she has called in real time by witnessing the dark pool manipulation and  using social media to exploit it and so much more.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how I find the Whisper of the Day
  • How to use premarket momentum to your advantage
  • How to find the highest probability Day Trades
  • How to use Exponential moving averages to enter and exit
  • Learn how to cure exit-itis 
  • Learn how to spot the Dark Pool prints in the Tape
  • How to trade self-fulfilling prophecy’s
  • How to trade the world using ETF’s
  • How to spot numerous corrections before they happen
  • How to spot the difference between short covering and going long
  • How to trade with minimal risk during earnings season
  • How to determine money flow during a correction
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