Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 2

This workshop features numerous examples of live trading where you’ll get to see exactly how these market makers refresh and try to fake you out by bluffing on the ECN book.
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Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 2

Stefanie will show you how she gets prepared to day trade every morning with her live demonstration on filling out her morning worksheet. This workshop also focuses on how to find all the best levels to trade off of for the day. This workshop focuses purely on momentum by using volume and trend as its number one technical indicator. You will also learn how to align ETF’s together with stocks to increase your odds even more, plus a ton of pictures on how to trade around the smart money otherwise known as the big prints. Learn some of her favorite high probability trading patterns and much much more.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn my 5 secrets to Day trading
  • How to find the strongest to weakest levels on your day chart
  • How to align stocks with the bull and the bear ETF’s
  • Learn why it is important to color code your time and sales window
  • How to use the big prints as markers to go long or short on a trade
  • Using volume as an indicator on high probability trading patterns
  • Scaling in and out of short term swings
  • Combining high probability candlesticks with volume to increase your odds
  • Learning the difference between refreshing on the bid and offer
  • How to spot a tug of war on refreshing
  • How to spot a correction before it happens

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Duration: 104 minutes  You must download the file to watch the entire workshop
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