Stefanie Kammerman

Stefani Kammerman

Who am I? My students call me “The Stock Whisperer” because they think I have a crystal ball; however my name is Stefanie Kammerman.

What did I do to get here? I knew absolutely nothing about the stock market. It was the summer of 1994, my very first day on the job at Schonfeld Securities, when my boss asked me if I knew how to do windows. I was speechless. Judging upon the shocked look on my face, my boss explained to me that he would teach me how to do Microsoft windows. I sighed at the relief that my new duties didn’t include Windex and a paper towel; However, I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn!

I mastered the overnight trading system in just one year, learning from the best traders at my firm. Sitting in the million dollar room, I was taught not to think about the money, but to only trade correctly. I was taught the money will come if you follow the rules. They were right, in fact my first year trading I won the trader of the year award. My firm gave me a gift certificate to Peter Lugers Steak house, and another 250K to trade with. I made more money than I ever thought I could. I ran a trading desk for two years, mentoring all of the new traders. I was very fortunate.

In 1998, I decided I wanted to start a family and I thought I could trade from home. It didn’t work out so great. Back in ’98, we didn’t exactly have the best trading software and coming from a Bloomberg computer, an Instinet machine, 4 trading monitors and a clerk, to only having one computer screen was quite a jolt. I decided that I would focus on long term swinging. Over the next few years, I doubled my IRA portfolio by picking some really hot high tech stocks.

In 2003, I started writing music and I became a published singer/songwriter with BMI. There is definitely a correlation between music and the market. How many of you are musicians? I’m going to be doing a workshop in a few months correlating the two. Over the past 10 years, I‘ve written over 100 songs and placed many of them on some popular television shows. You may have heard of them, “ America’s got talent”, “American Idol “ , “ Dr. 90210″, just to name a few. I also landed a radio jingle for Airtel communications. I now know why they call us “starving artists”. The music business doesn’t pay very well. I’m lucky if I can pay my phone bill with my royalty check. Thank God for the stock market.

In the summer of 2010, I was hired to run an online trading chat room and teach students how to swing trade. It was my dream job. Doing what I loved to do and being able to do it from home so that I could be there when my kids got off the school bus. The software I was using was designed by a day trader for a day trader and I quickly started to see the prints and the patterns of day trading. Learning how to day trade really helped me on my entry’s and exits as a swing trader. I now teach thousands of students how to day trade and swing trade with numerous workshops on how to read the tape, how to spot the best levels to trade off of, and most importantly discipline. I do a very unique class called “ Boot camp” which focuses primarily on the psychological aspects of trading and I teach you how to separate yourself from the trade. I also teach how to be in control of your trade by mapping it out first. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of real market trades to teach you how to spot when the big money is buying and when the big money is selling and I show you how to trade it. I teach live classes sharing my screen with you so that you can learn the same way I did. It’s old fashioned trading in a high tech world.

I was on tour with The MoneyShow across the United States and Canada teaching as many traders as I can how to trade around the dark pool. 

My goal is to run the best online trading chat room, where we can all work together as a team sharing the same common goal. To be the best traders we can be. After all, 100's of eyes are better than 2. My students over the years have become part of my family. I’ve traveled all over the world to meet them and I love trading with them every single day. I’ve had a few really great mentors in my life time and I hope to be one of yours.

Thank you for stopping by. Stay as long as you like. Grab a cup of java and do a few trades with me.

Happy Trading,
The Stock Whisperer
(Day trader by day, swing trader by night)

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